Sankyo, Sankyo Very Much

I’m finally getting around to posting about the open heart surgery I did on the el cheapo Sankyo 600 I bought on EBay last month.  You may remember that when I got it it was packed very nicely in its original box and styrofoam, and looked to be in great shape…with the exception of a belt on the inside which was for the most part non-existent.  After diving into EBay for options I found a belt that was rated for this projector and in a leap of faith paid out the $5 to get it.
When it arrived I popped the hood again and there was that yucky looking remains of the original belt in a very impressive state of decay.  I’m not sure what happened here but it looks like the remains have small barnacles on them.  
I was able to remove the remains and clean the pulleys, and here you can see the old remains next to the shiny new belt.  It appears that roughly half the belt was still embed in the ruts of the pulleys.
The new pulley was easy to slip on and I was then ready to give it a try.  I reeled up the Star Wars Super8 I have and let it rip…and Alec Guiness sounded like he was drunk.  I was afraid the new belt was too tight so I remeoved it and tried to loosen it a bit but the same slow and low voice from Sir Alec was still there.  So it was off the internets…and within a few minutes I found my answer on the  8mm Forum website.  Apparantly there are two adjustable thingies called a pot, one for the 18fps and the other for the 24fps.  Based on the write up the suggestion was to use a wooden stick, not metal, to make the adjustements while the film was running so you could zero in on the sweet spot.  I first tried to flatten out a chop stick but it was too big.  I then moved on to a tooth pick and was able to flatten one end down and it did the trick nicely.

So now I’ve got a very nice Super8 projector that I have under $50 invested in, which is a great deal based on the average EBay prices right now.  I’ve started a small collection, which I’ll dig into deeper in later posts…

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