And There Will Never Be Anything Else That’s So Completely Different…

Today marked the final time the remaining Monty Python members will EVER perform on stage together.  Let that sink in for a minute.  While its true it has been quite a long time since the remaining five have actually done anything together on the same stage (“Spamalot” not withstanding, they didn’t actually Video Title Redux

A week or so ago I started working on a tag to be added to original videos we make for the blog.  The first version was kinda clunky but I think this version is a little bit more professional and certainly more appropriate to King Scrod’s mythology.

Tonight at the Langrick Film Forum: Lazy Kittens and Criminal Ducks

After an eight week hiatus to deal with the lead projectionist’s medical issue we are back in bidness at The Langrick Film Forum.  We dusted and cleaned the main 16mm projector earlier in the week and have two shorts in the line up tonight (don’t want to go crazy right

What If Tonight Were A Wet Saturday Evening in 1974…

In preparation for announcing what I consider the prize acquisition of the Langrick Film Forum collection (wait for it…) I decided I wanted to try to find a newspaper advertisement from back home for the film on its initial release, circa November 1974 (yeah, I know I’m kinda weird).  In Title for Videos

First off, I know we haven’t rolled out the domain “” yet, but don’t you worry, its on its way.  But for now we’re just putzing around with a new title card for any videos we may create.  Take a look and let us know what you think:

Scrod Film Dead Pool is now online

I’ve put together a Scrod Film Dead Pool (SFDP) of celebrities (not all movie or entertainment related you’ll notice) that are beating the odds and hanging on longer than any of us might have a right to do.  But they linger on anyway and good for them I say.  We

Fame, or how Super8 was never destined to live forever

A few months ago, back when I was testing my feet in the waters of Super8, I went on a bit of buying binge and one of the films I wound up with was “Fame”, the original film from 1980.  I’ve viewed the print once and based on that one

ScrodFilm is now on Twitter

As part of the Scrod Group’s Utter and Complete Intergalactic Domination Scheme (aka UCIDS) Scrod Film is now on Twitter and will, from time to time, be sending out insightful tidbits on film related stuff. This also means there are two new bits on the ScrodFilm page.  First you’ll see

Paul Mazursky | April 25, 1930 – June 30, 2014

Paul Mazursky, who died yesterday, is one of those directors that I feel like I’ve always known about.  I’m not sure why or when or how, but as long as I’ve known and thought about movies there was always a Paul Mazursky (John Cassavetes and Martin Scorsese are two others, although

Obligatory Money Grab

Some of you avid readers (all one or two of you) may have noticed in the last day that a new link has grown off the right side of the screen —> Yes, we now have a brand spanking new “Scrod Film Store“ online where we will offer some of