For The Love of God, Don’t Throw That Projector Out!

Its no secret: I want a 35mm projector.  Not that I have a proper place to set one up, but that, as they say in the consulting world, can be worked out at the time of implementation.  And its true that I don’t even have any 35mm films to show

Who Knew?

I like to think I know more about film than the average bear does, and I’m positive that is a fact, however I don’t pretend to know everything (yet) and to illustrate that point just this morning something I “knew” to be a so-called fact was proven very wrong: regular

The Return of Uncle Benny – or – Happy Hills Year!

The Best of Benny Hill – Part 3 Its a new year and some changes will be coming in the next month or so for, but in the mean time we have had at least one new acquisition to the collection (“The Best of Benny Hill – Part 3”)