Don’t Dream It, Buy It!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show  –  1975   The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been on the Langrick Film Forum’s short list of Must-Haves since the very beginning, and now I am happy to say we got it!  Of course, we’ve had not one but two copies of the Super8

Movie Listing of the Past – July 15, 1979 and April 27, 1980

When I was a kid I have a very vivid memory of going to the Daytona Mall and seeing “Dawn of the Dead” advertised on the marquee for the Daytona 6 Theater, and it freaked me out!  So much so that I still have a chill thinking about it today.

Movie Listings of the Past – November 28, 1982

Wow, just wow.  The odds of me wanting to see every movie being shown at a multi-screen theater today are asymptotically close to 0%, but here in late November 1982 at the Volusia Mall Cinemas we have three films that I would gladly pay $2 to see a couple dozen

Movie Listings of the Past – June 16, 1979

Here’s another movie listing from the Daytona Beach Morning Journal on June 16, 1979.  I would never have thought that “Fritz the Cat” and its sub-par sequel “The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat” would have played DeLand, but here it is at the DeLand Cinema (listed here as “Woodland