Tribeca has gone to the [Hot] Dogs

Because Scrod Film is so amazingly connected within the film community we’ve received a “Special Invitation” from Tribeca Film to attend a “special” screening of the new film “Sausage Party” in NYC next week, complete with an in-person Seth Rogaine and a glitzy after-party (a real sausage party?) as well;

Sometimes they come back…

No, not the horror movie, but REAL FILM! One of Hollywood’s Grand Old Dames, The Egyptian Theater, is getting “retro-fitted” to be able to project 35mm nitrate film (again!). The Egyptian Theatre is both the oldest and the newest attraction on Hollywood Boulevard. Built in 1922 by Sid Grauman and

A Thousand Cuts – Early Thoughts

It’s not every day that one’s hobby gets a whole book written about it…OK, so for most hobbies it probably is nearly every day that a book gets written about it, but not if you’re hobby is as niche and fringe as (reel/real) film collecting.  But soon our little hobby

The Best of Enemies – sort of reviewed, but not really

Earlier this week I subjected Mrs. ScrodFilm to a viewing (digital of course) of the new-ish documentary about the rivalry between William F. Buckley and Gore Vidal (“The Best of Enemies“), which reached its zenith during the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.  If you don’t know anything about that

ScrodFilm is moving…or rather has moved

The Scrod Group Executive Committee made a snap decision over virgin Bloody Mary’s earlier in the side yard earlier this week to pull up camp and move the wagons and monkeys from Blogger (aka Blogspot) over to WordPress and a self-hosted option.  Well, things aren’t going as smooth as the

Movie Listings of the Past – October 15, 1977 – Daytona Beach Morning Journal

Now here’s a movie advert for two films that are actually in The Langrick Film Forum library: “Young Frankenstein” and “M*A*S*H”!  I bet you’ll never see those two films on the same bill again, and certainly, will never see them on real film ever again (unless of course, you’re at