Gene Wilder – 1933-2016

Today we lost one of The Greats, and I mean it.  “The Producers”, “Young Frankenstein”, “Blazing Saddles”…come on!  The world is a little less funny now that Mr Wilder is no longer with us.  To mark his passing The Langrick Film Forum plans to screen (in 16mm) “Young Frankenstein” later

The Pink Panther & A Shot in the Dark

Pink Panther Double Feature – LFF Members Only

We have a special double feature scheduled for this Friday at the Langrick Film Forum for members only: “The Pink Panther (1963)” and “A Shot in the Dark”.  Contact ScrodFilm if you’re interested in attending.  Pre-show start around 8:35PM with the first feature, “The Pink Panther”, beginning at 8:45.  There will

Equity (2016) – a short review

On Friday I made a last minute trip to the AMC to see a new film “Equity“, one which I really hadn’t heard anything about (I really should pay more attention when I go to the Tribeca Film Festival) but it looked promising (at least in comparison

How Darth Vader created Superman

We introduced the young Scrod to the 1978 version of Superman: The Movie last night, and she made her Daddy Scrod proud with all the questions she had and the jokes she made.  I will save a full critique for another time (that turn-back-time ending deserves a post all on its

House of Cards and [edited: a retraction]

OK, this is an edited post, and I’ve taken pretty much all of the original post down.  The main reason is I was pretty negative, OK, I was a jerk about the writer of this Letter from the “Reader’s Letters” section of the  July 2016 “Site and Sound”.  I should