I was wondering around the film section of a London bookstore (I think it was just off Trafalgar Square) sometime back in 2015 and found myself leafing through “The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex: What’s Wrong with Modern Movies?” by Mark Kermode and really thinking this guy is pretty good. For some reason I didn’t buy the book (and to my surprise as I write this still haven’t), but I did look into this Kermode person and discovered he is a well known film critic in the UK. This isn’t a post strictly about him though, but about his yearly lists of the top ten best and worst films that opened in the UK that year.

So for now I present for your consideration, Mr Mark Kermode’s Top Ten Best and Worst films of 2016:

Top Ten Best 10ish – 6

Top Ten Best 5 – 1

Top Ten Worst 10ish – 6

Top Ten Worst 5 – 1