So we’re back after a bit of a hiatus and since it’s a lazy weekend dayin late Spring I thought we’d get in the Way-Back-Machine and take a look at what we might have been going to see on a similar weekend back in late Spring 1988.

At first glance you might think the movie offerings this weekend 29 years ago were pretty awful, given “Casual Sex”, “Bloodsport’, “Sticky Fingers” (which doesn’t even appear to be on DVD, as of April 2017), and “Critters 2” were being pushed with their panel layouts.  But if you look closer you’ll find a few really, and I mean really, good ones: “BeetleJuice” of course, since its headlining the page, but also “Biloxi Blues” (one of Neil Simon’s “write what you know” plays-to-film self-indulgent fests, AKA The Eugene Trilogy [I mean really, Neil never even came close to being a Matthew Broderick type…]).  

And then we find other true classics, such as “Good Morning Vietnam”, and one of my all-time favorite New York movies: “Moonstruck”.  You also have “Fatal Attraction” and “Three Men and a Baby” thrown in for good measure.


So all in all, if I’d been heading out to see a flick in the Daytona area 29 years ago (and I very well may have been…) knowing what I know now about these options I might have had a very hard decision indeed as to which one(s) I was going to spend a few hours with.

For comparison, here’s the list of first-run movies I have the option of seeing in Tallahassee this last weekend in April, 2017 (I wonder how many of them we’ll consider classics in 29 years…):

 "The Circle"
 "Phoenix Forgotten"
 "The Promise"
 "The Fate of the Furious"
 "Going in Style"
 "The Boss Baby"
 "The Zookeeper's Wife"
 "Power Rangers"
 "Beauty and the Beast"  (the live-action remake, seen it)
 "Get Out"
 "How to be a Latin Lover"
 "Baahubali 2"
 "Free Fire"
 "The Lost City of Z"
 "Smurgs: The Lost Village"
 "Kong: Skull Island" (seen it, twice)

So if I had to choose, and that is entirely dictated by whether I’ll have the time, I would, without a doubt, go see “Free Fire”, if for no other reason than it apparently has an hour-long gun fight sequence…

Movie Listings of the Past - May 1, 1988 - Daytona Beach Sunday News-Journal
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