I’ve written before about discovering Mark Kermode, notorious British Film Critic, while prowling around a bookstore just off Trafalgar Square back in 2011, and his YouTube channel (along with radio host Simon Mayo) is required viewing for me.  However it always sends a thrust of ennui through me when I see that week’s review are done by one other stand-ins (Clarisse Loughrey or Robbi Collin), which is the case this week.  And based on the comments each of these so-called critics have received in the past I’m not the only one who feels that way.   I guess my biggest problem with both of them is they really don’t know much about film history, and they really don’t talk, or review, the films themselves; they just seem to babel on about something or other for a few minutes, and every once in a while Simon Mayo’s stand-in will actually inject something to do with the subject at hand.

In any case, that is not what this post is about; this post is about the comments section, or rather the now-lack of a comments section.  I’d fully expected to see a number of “Where is Mark” and “This ‘critic’ is awful” comments yet again, however not only did I not see those, there was nothing at all to see, period.  Instead it tells us “Comments have been disabled for this video.”  Which in doubly odd because in the comments section they actually invite us to “Please tell us what you think of the film — or Clarisse’s review of the film. We love to include your views on the show every Friday.”  Exactly how are we supposed to do that again?

So my initial assumption was they got tired of viewers complaining about Clarisse and Robbi, or perhaps something got a bit out of hand on this one, but then I went back to older posts from Kermode and Mayo themselves and posts which I know had Comments are also now disabled.

So what gives?  This one of the few places I frequented where I could actually get informed by regular Joes like myself (especially now that IMDB screwed  us by taking their forums away).  I hope this is either a mistake, a YouTubes screw-up, or something that is temporary.  I couldn’t find any information on this anywhere, so maybe it is just a glitch, but we’ll see…

 Clarisse Loughrey