While researching something completely unrelated I ran across an ad for film that I’d never heard of called “Alf ‘n Family”, and then a bit later I ran across another ad for this mysterious film, this time with a lot more information.  It turns out I HAD heard of this film before, only under its original, British name: “Till Death Us Do Part”.

This is the first film version of the BBC sit-com of the same name, the first of two, and was originally released in 1969.  TDUDP is what another little American show you may have heard of, “All in the Family”, is based on, which by August 1972 was a major hit.  So I guess the British cousins decided to try cash in on this and release TDUDP in the States, this time with a new name a new ad campaign suggesting Alf and Archie were cousins (although I doubt they actually made a serious attempt at pressing the familial heritage).

I thought it was also of note that on the same page we have an “ad” for Monty Python’s first film, “And Now For Something Completely Different”, but with not a single Python to be seen.  In what I can only assume is an attempt yet again to make a very British property more “American Friendly” they push Ms Carol Cleveland as the star, I guess because she’s American?  But if that’s the case why didn’t they just make Terry Gilliam the star, I mean he is an actual Python, AND American (at least he still was at the time, this was a few decades before he renounced his US citizenship).

In any case, it’s nice to see Alf and Monty together I guess.