“Si Andy Milligan n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer.”
(“If Andy Milligan had not existed, we would have had to invent him.”)

– Voltaire…sort of

Voltaire was on to something in his somewhat mis-quoted, and amazingly early analysis of Andy Milligan.  Andy Milligan did exist, this is a fact.  But much like the original subject of Voltaire’s quote (God Himself), there are many versions of Andy Milligan to go around.   To suggest just three, there’s the “real” Andy, the kid from Minnesota with the troubled family life that came to the Big City to be a star; there’s the Andy that he Himself “created”, the one he wanted us to know and that he worked his entire professional life crafting the mythology of; and then there’s the Andy that has been created by us, his fans (Milliganiacs, to perhaps coin a term), which we’ve done in part to try to explain just what Andy Milligan was and meant.

And now I too plan to add to that last category, beginning here, and continuing over the course of an undetermined number of blog posts, over the next (fill in an acceptable timeframe). And in doing so I hope to not only add to his mythology, but also to at least attempt to dive deeper into both the “real” Andy and the “self-created” Andy.  Along the way we’ll spend time on various events in Andy’s life, and visit people who crossed paths with Andy, some well-known (at least to us Milliganiacs [it’s growing on you, isn’t it]), some not so well-known.  And we’ll also, from time to time, try either prove or perhaps even dispel some of Andy’s mythology, although never, I hope, in a malevolent manner.

These posts will always be on Mondays (Milligan on Mondays!), but not necessarily every Monday (I do have other blogs to miss self-imposed deadlines for, as well as my own “real” life and job to attend to).  I don’t have a plan as to where this journey will take us or how long I’ll do it, but I do have a decent number of topics already at various stages of development, so this will go at least as long as it takes to exhaust that initial list.

So for now, stay tuned, babe.