Video Movie Guide – 1990

When I was in high school I ran across something called “The Video Movie Guide” which was put out yearly by Mick Martin and Marsha Porter, and was in effect the IMDB of its time.  There were tons of movie guides out, but this one, to me, was the best,

No Comment(s) – Kermode and Mayo’s forced silence

I’ve written before about discovering Mark Kermode, notorious British Film Critic, while prowling around a bookstore just off Trafalgar Square back in 2011, and his YouTube channel (along with radio host Simon Mayo) is required viewing for me.  However it always sends a thrust of ennui through me when I

Raw (2016)

On the recommendation from Mark Kermode in his 2017 Best Of list I dived right into the film that made the top of his list, Raw.  While Raw is a 2016 film Mark’s list encompasses films that were released in the UK in 2017, of which Raw is one.  I’d

A Christmas Story – The Stone Tape

It’s December and Christmas time is here, and you know what that means, right?  Yep, Ghost Storyies! What’s that you say?  Ghost stories for Christmas?  I must mean Halloween, right?  Well, you’re probably saying that unless you happen to have grown up in the UK in the 1970’s.  That’s because

The Norliss Tapes (1973)

At the suggestion of an old co-worker (you know who you are) I watched “The Norliss Tapes” this evening.  And having now watched it I can say, without a doubt, that it has one of THE most unfulfilling endings of any film I’ve ever seen! I get that it was

Tam-Lin (aka The Devil’s Widow) – 1970

How could a 70’s British horror film that has the line “You are about to get disgustingly drunk” purred by Ava Gardner be bad?  If you’re talking about “Tam-Lin” (aka “The Devil’s Widow) then the answer is: its not bad at all.  Is it a great horror film?  No; in

Tourist Trap – 1979

I’m sure we all have films that we either saw, or perhaps didn’t see, as kids that have left some kind of lasting impression on us.  I have A LOT of films that fall into these categories.  “Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things” and “King Kong” [1976] are two of the

Goodbye, Dragon Inn – Review

I was reading an article from The Guardian suggested by a friend on Facebook (“How post-horror movies are taking over cinema“), and towards the article’s end it references a film from 2003 called “Goodbye, Dragon Inn”, in describing director David Lowery’s infulences on his new film “A Ghost Story” (not

The Godfather (digital) – Regal Governors Square 12 – Tallahassee, FL – June 4, 2017

Last Sunday night I was able to go see The Godfather on the big screen for the first time (I had a chance a few years ago in NYC to see all three Godfathers, and in 35mm at that, but I was already scheduled to see “The Killing of a