Happy 91st Andy!

A quick post to honor Andy Milligan’s 91st birthday.  I’d intended to frame this as the one moment in Andy’s life that we could be certain he had been in a State of Grace (for what that’s worth).  But then on closer examination of the Baptismal Record we find that

The “Lost” Bar of FLESHPOT ON 42nd STREET

Dusty: Hi Bob: Hi Dusty: You lost or something? Bob: No, why? Dusty: What are you doing in a place like this? Bob: I could ask you the same thing. Dusty: I asked you first. Bob: Well, I needed a drink so I came to the first place I could

Andy Milligan – The Saga Begins

“Si Andy Milligan n’existait pas, il faudrait l’inventer.” (“If Andy Milligan had not existed, we would have had to invent him.”) – Voltaire…sort of Voltaire was on to something in his somewhat mis-quoted, and amazingly early analysis of Andy Milligan.  Andy Milligan did exist, this is a fact.  But much

50 Years Ago Everybody Was Talking At Me…

50 years ago today, May 25, 1969, MIDNIGHT COWBOY was released.  I’m going to have to figure out how to get The Langrick Film Forum up and running again, at least for one night this week, to screen this gem again.

A Few Ads – Alf and Monty – NY Daily News – August 16, 1972

While researching something completely unrelated I ran across an ad for film that I’d never heard of called “Alf ‘n Family”, and then a bit later I ran across another ad for this mysterious film, this time with a lot more information.  It turns out I HAD heard of this

Potential 2019 Film Reviews – Year of NYC Films

We’re going to try to do an entire slate of NYC focused, or at least NYC set, film reviews in 2019.   Most of these will be somewhat obscure to the general population, which is why I’m doing it.  I’ve only seen a small handful of these thus far, so that’s

Romero Back from the Dead

It should come as no surprise that the godfather of zombie films would have one of his “lost” films come back from the dead.  We find out from Bloody Disgusting that a “lost” Romero film from 1973, “Amusement Park”, has been “found” and hopefully will see the light of day