My brand spanking “new” copy of “The Best of Benny Hill Volume One” on Super8 arrived today all the way via air mail from England.

Things didn’t start out so well due to some initial threading problems which ate up what I was afraid was a major amount of leader (turns out there’s enough left to start prior to the picture and sound)

However I was very happy to find out right away that the tune dear old Benny is known for (Yakety Sax) was first and foremost on the soundtrack.  I had been afraid that these Super8 shows would have been prior to the use of YS but there it is in glorious Super8 magnetic booming sound.

This volume (1) has skits that all center around a hospital and is probably all from one show.

None are really stand out and some are down right terrible, but the real value is just having this in the collection.

Now I have to comb the internets for the other two volumes.  I’ve seen a volume 3 available, but its in b&w and silent.  And while there’s not a lot of dialogue in these I still want the colour and sound versions ( I may cave if the price is right…).