Next month (September) work is taking me yet again to the other side of the pond and I will be in Germany for a week and then the UK the following week.  Last time I did this I was able to spend the weekend in Paris (which is rather frigid in February!) and I was thinking I would do the same thing again, but it turns out I may need to be in London over the weekend for work (can you freakin’ believe that, a weekend in Europe and I may have to work?!) so I’ve already booked myself for the weekend in London as well.  And now that I had my rough itinerary in place I set out to see what fun stuff was happening in London that weekend…

And low and behold what did I find but a place called The Prince Charles Cinema, which is apprantly right in Leicester Square.  And what, you may be asking, did I find at this particular establishment?  Well, lets see, on that Friday they’re showing “2001: A Space Odyssey” (!) and on Saturday they’re screening “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”(!!).  Oh and they also are showing “To Live and Die in LA” and “Fist Full of Dollars” that weekend too!  I don’t often say this, and when I do I typically only mean it in the most ironic way, but OMG!  If this place is as good as it smells I may be in trouble.

So now I had a dilemma of sorts: which of these films should I see.  I mean I really couldn’t travel 9000 miles and spend the entire (somewhat) free weekend couped up in a movie theater…or could I.  At this point I’ve narrowed my MUST SEE choices down to 2001 and Brian, and in fact already purchased tickets.  Now depending on how the venue turns out, how the weather is, and how my leg/hip is feeling, I may add a few others throughout the week, but for now its just those two.

As you may or may not know I’m somewhat of a celluloid Luddite, and I guess I took a bit of a gamble that either or both of these films would be digital, however I did send an email to the theater asking about this and what aspect ratio 2001 would be in…and then I read the webpage for 2001.  Well there it is right on their website: the 2001 screening will be the studio’s own 35mm print, and since they will be re-releasing it later this year in “restored” digital this may be the LAST TIME to see it on actual real honest to God film.  My skin actually tingles a bit when I think about my luck.  I’ve never seen 2001 on a big screen, and therefore never seen it on film, and now not only do I get to experience both, it very well could be the only change I’ll every have to experience the latter!

One final (for now) note on The Prince Charles Cinema, and something I’ve incredibly impressed with, is they actually have a webpage which outlines their technical specifications, down to the make of their projectors and the wattage of the lamps!  As they say down here in North Florida, DADGUM SON!

I do hope Brian is in 35mm too, and if I get a response to my email query I’ll update the post.  But even if its not the respect I currently have for The Prince Charles Cinema going into this little endeavor is pretty high, and my excitement and anticipation is at ludicrous levels right now.  I’ll of course post a full recap once I recover.