When I was a kid I have a very vivid memory of going to the Daytona Mall and seeing “Dawn of the Dead” advertised on the marquee for the Daytona 6 Theater, and it freaked me out!  So much so that I still have a chill thinking about it today.  I mean, I’d obviously seen the TV commercials when it first came out in 1979 and must have known it was about zDotD2ombies taking over a mall, and here I was, IN A FREAKING MALL that was actually showing THAT movie!  Keep in mind I was only 7 at the time so I couldn’t have gone to see the film if I had wanted to (the advertisement makes it very clear that “No one under 17 will be admitted”).  Of course now, its one of my favorite American horror films and I’ve actually been to THE mall in the film (Monroeville Mall), and the Daytona Mall is pretty much gone (I was just there last weekend, I’ll post my exploration on PlacesGoneBy soon). But THAT movie in THAT mall at THAT time will be with me forever.

 I also found an advert for “Dawn of the Dead” in its first run down the street at the VolusiDotDa Mall, but that is/was an outside theater and would not have had the impact that the above instance did on my young mind.